Visible Learning School

11 Dec 2014

The Department of Education has branded "tracking"—designating students for separate educational paths based on their academic performance—as a modern day form of segregation, reports Sonali Kohli. Read more here.

Know Thy Impact

16 Dec 2014

You might think you know everything that happens in your classroom, but the research says otherwise. Director of Visible Learning Deb Masters has four questions that will help you pin down what children are really learning. Read more

Inspired and Passionate Teachers

7 Dec 2014

Empowering and involving school leaders is an essential part of teaching, enabling teachers to create a new dynamic which engages teachers and students together as a learning group. Gayle Allen examines four activities that shift classes out of hierarchical structure and into a creative, dynamic team.

Visible Learning for Education Systems

18 Dec 2014

An interview with Professor John Hattie with Cassandra Davis on the OECD Education Today blog discusses Hattie's Visible Learning research and the educsation system in Australia. Read more here.