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Visible Learning School

1 Aug 2014

As we enter the imagination era, digital enterprise is increasingly the career of the future. Read how Hackney UTC in the UK is prioritising students skills in digital technologies here.

Know Thy Impact

1 Aug 2014

Until now, Dougherty County schools have measured student progress along standard assessment measures. That's all set to change with the introduction of Georgia Milestones. Read the Georgia story here.

Inspired and Passionate Teachers

1 Aug 2014

Teaching is as much what is done inside the classroom as out. William J Dowd discoverd how one inspired teacher saw him awarded the 2014 Margaret Voss Howard Teacher Award.

Visible Learning for Education Systems

1 Aug 2014

In Ghana, 40% of females have little or no access to education. A new project has set out to change this using virtual teaching technology into 72 school. Chris Kirk shares the story set to change a nation.