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Visible Learning School

1 Sep 2014

Not all games are created equal. From short-form, long-form and crossover games like Minecraft, games differ in their learning potenial. Read Jordan Shapiro's article here detailing how games can be optimised in school teaching.

Know Thy Impact

1 Sep 2014

BBC Journalist Sarah Montague interviews John Hattie, to discuss his 20 years of education research, which has become some of the most influential data on student learning success. Listen here.

Inspired and Passionate Teachers

1 Sep 2014

When English teacher Vivian Maguire came up against silence in her classroom she created 'literary show and tell'. Read about her learning success here

Visible Learners

1 Sep 2014

Collaborative game-playing in the classroom teaches cooperation and communication among students, and complements structured textbook learning. TeachThought lists 10 games to accelerate students' critical thinking.

Visible Learning for Education Systems

1 Sep 2014

Dirk Van Damme, OECD Head of the Innovation and Measuring Progress Division (IMEP), illustrates how top down "innovation" in education systems may meet with resistance. Read his article here.