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John Hattie's 9 Mindframes for Visible Learning Educators

The Visible Learning School Matrix
Usually presented as a tool in correspondence with one of our workshops series,The Matrix is available below. This evidence based tool will help you to determine the extent your school ensured systems focus on the things that make the most difference.

Effective Feedback

16 Dec 2015

The power of feedback we know has the potential to double the speed of learning. How can we grade and assess in a way that provides hope to all students? Feedback must entice students to act on it-Do your practices do that? Read more here.

Know Thy Impact

14 Dec 2015

Have we as a school got a clear vision for the purpose of school? If so we can utlise that to ensure what we are 'doing' espouses with our theory of action. Schooling must fit with learners needs so they can have a future. Read more here.

Inspired and Passionate Teachers

16 Dec 2015

The power of true collaboration not just co-operation must be taught to our learners. Do we practice what we preach first? Read more here.

Visible Learning for Education Systems

9 Dec 2015

Every child deserves at least a years progress for a years input. Do we value what we assess? If not why are we doing it? The answer always seems to be because that's what we've always done.  Read more here.