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John Hattie's 9 Mindframes for Visible Learning Educators

The Visible Learning School Matrix
Usually presented as a tool in correspondence with one of our workshops series,The Matrix is available below. This evidence based tool will help you to determine the extent your school ensured systems focus on the things that make the most difference.

Visible Learning School

30 Nov 2015

The real test of a visible learning school might be to ask all the teachers if they would want to be a student in their school? How are we as a school ensuring students voices count? Read more here.

Inspired and Passionate Teachers

30 Nov 2015

How often as teachers do we practice what we preach? Inspired and passionate teachers make the difference by challenging students at the level that is right for them. Read more here.

Visible Learners

16 Nov 2015

Research shows good interaction between teachers and pupils is crucial for learning. A program where students give teachers feedback on their techniques is gaining traction. Read more here.