Visible Learning School

2 Feb 2015

Katrina Schwartz looks at how Greenwich High School in Connecticut is benefiting from an innovative experiment called Innovation Lab. Read more here

Effective Feedback

29 Jan 2015

Nicky Morgan, British Secretary of State for Education, writes that British exam reforms will ensure grades are a more accurate reflection of their efforts and achievement.

Know Thy Impact

2 Feb 2015

Jackie Gerstein shares some points to consider when creating new learning activities from scratch - looking at the activities from the student perspective. Read more here.

Inspired and Passionate Teachers

30 Jan 2015

Jake Daykin, head teacher at Hooe Primary Academy in Plymouth, UK, has developed a Dungeons and Dragons style roleplay game designed to improve the mathematical skills of the players by giving context and purpose for learning and applying math skills - and the game has been a great success! Read more here.

Visible Learners

30 Jan 2015

Research on the effects of an educational programme that promotes social and emotional learning shows that children as young as 9 years old can benefit from higher test scores when practising mindfulness. Read more here.

Visible Learning for Education Systems

1 Feb 2015

What are the common fundamental principles that top-performing countries have employed in their reform strategies? To improve education Countries are turning to others to see what works well and why. Read the guiding questions here.